A new generation of footcare. We treat ingrown nails, we apply nail braces to prevent ingrowing nails and we offer detailed podiatry consultations with the help of computer scans. 


Great wellness care with medicinal pedicure provided by a Class I mechanical drill. We treat nail and skin fungus, cracked heels, painful feet and legs. 


Your hands get plenty of use and require excellent care; we provide the best care available. We also do manicures, nail extensions and gel polish, as well as manicures for males. 


Our Beauty Project experts can help solve all your skin problems and show you a healthier future. We can teach you a regular skincare routine, much like your dentalcare routine.


Relaxation is a necessary part of our lives, though sadly sometimes neglected. Take the time to enjoy our relaxation massage. 

Unfortunately there is not a huge amount of English on our website, but we are able to offer you full service in English. Just let us know and we will be happy to help :) 

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